Jorko About Me

Quick Facts

Name: Georgi, but known to the world as Jorko

Born: 2008, Sofia, Bulgaria; relocated to Glasgow, UK with family at the age of five

My Gaming Journey

Discovering the Thrill of Gaming

My gaming passion ignited with my first encounter with an FPS game, Call of Duty. The challenge and excitement gripped me, and soon I was hooked. Though I explored other titles like Raymond Legends, my love for FPS always lingered.

With the release of Call of Duty Black Ops, I was enthralled by its futuristic gameplay, unique characters, and wall-running abilities. This game rekindled my addiction and kept me entertained for a long time.

The PC Era and the Birth of a CS:GO Player

My first personal computer arrived when I was six, introducing me to the world of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). Though initially a novice, my father and friends were supportive. Inspired by YouTube videos of pro players, I knew I wanted to become one of them. I spent nights playing and learning, gradually honing my skills.

Fortnite briefly captured my attention, where I excelled and connected with players worldwide. Despite the initial allure, updates and changes led me back to my true love: CS:GO.

Finding My Calling

Days turned into years, and my addiction to CS:GO grew. I knew then what I wanted to be when I grew up: a professional CS:GO player and streamer. Intensive daily training paid off, leading to accusations of hacking – a compliment that only fueled my passion.

By fourteen, I was playing with renowned CS:GO legends like kennyS, Mrtweeday, Lobanjica, and others, learning and evolving with every match.

My Journey as a Twitch Streamer

A Dream Unveiled

My fascination with Twitch grew, and the idea of starting my channel began to blossom. When I shared my future aspirations with my family, they were cautiously supportive.

On my 13th birthday, a surprise awaited me: a complete streaming setup, all ready for my new adventure. My joy was boundless, captured in the video below.

Living the Dream

Becoming a streamer was like a dream come true. Playing with friends and viewers, engaging with my community, and sharing good times have become my life's joy. It's everything I ever wished for, and I'm grateful every day for this incredible journey.

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